Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Episodes : 224
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Game
Languages : Japanese (with subtitles), English (dubbed)

It’s about that time for DBZ and there I was waiting for the new episode to start but wait, what’s this no DBZ (yes I know if I looked at the TV guide I would have known better). Now instead of throwing the remote at the TV I decided to give in and just watch what was on. And boy did I make the right decision.

The new show that took the place of DBZ was Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. It had something different than the usual fighting I was used to and once the show introduced its main plot device to engage the characters I was hooked. The show treats us to the life of Yugi Muto, his friends and the many adventures they embark on.

When we first meet Yugi he has just figured out how to complete a puzzle that looks like an upside down pyramid given to him by his grandfather. Only when he puts the final piece in place he unlocks the spirit, known as Pharaoh, in the puzzle. The item in is possession is an ancient Egyptian relic known as the Millennium puzzle (who knew you could learn a little about a country from a TV show).

That’s when things go bad and Yugi’s grandfather’s soul was stolen by a person in possession of another Millennium Item (yeah that blew my mind too). Yugi has to go and fight in a tournament to try and get his grandfather’s soul back. The fights take the form of a card game battle played out on a holographic projection battlefield where everyone can see the monsters actually attack each other (do I need any more reasons to get you to watch?). Yugi gets to battle the person who stole his grandfather’s soul, Maximillion Pegasus, who also happens to be the creator of the Duel Monsters game. An epic battle ensues where Pegasus uses his superior knowledge and his Millennium Item to push Yugi into a corner. But Yugi with the help of Pharaoh defeats Pegasus.

Thereafter Yugi finds out that the spirit is that of a nameless Pharaoh from ancient Egypt and Yugi promises to help him remember his past. This leads to Yugi entering the Battle City tournament hosted by his rival Seto Kaiba. Kaiba also revolutionised Duel Monsters by developing a portable holographic system for battles to take place anywhere, anytime. Yugi encounters more powerful foes, some which also hold Millennium Items and hold the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters, the three Egyptian God cards. These rare cards can help unlock the Pharaoh’s memories of his past.

Before the finals of the Battle City tournament take place, Yugi, Kaiba and his friends get stuck in a virtual world by Kaiba’s step brother, Noah. A group of executives from the company Kaiba inherited from his adoptive father uses Noah to try and gain control of the company by any means (just when you thought you saw it all). Once defeated the Battle City finals take place with epic battles involving the Egyptian God cards.

Yugi then faces off against an evil organisation that is trying to resurrect an ancient dragon know as Leviathan. To do this they collect the souls of the people during battle. Pharaoh betrays Yugi (by succumbing to this desire to win at all costs) and Yugi loses his soul trying to save the Pharaoh. This leads to Pharaoh losing faith in himself till Yugi’s friends help him to power through the darkness and free the souls of the captured people.

The final arc to this series starts with another tournament hosted by Kaiba which Yugi wins again (really he wins every time, ah well it is a show). Yugi then heads to Egypt to help the Pharaoh regain his past memories. They get sucked 5000 thousand years in the past when the Pharaoh was ruler of Egypt and finally learns his name. The final battle ensues with Yugi vs the Pharaoh.

It was the second anime I watched but I knew it as a cartoon because it was in English. Only years later did I find out that the two cartoons I enjoyed back then were actually anime. From there it led me to find and consume more of this incredible story telling from Japan.

Now tell me good people, what do you think of an orange haired dude that likes to kick ass? Well until next time see what you can find out about that.

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