Whatsapp Now Offers End to End Encryption

Privacy is a very important word in this modern time where sending people pictures of our private bits has become a norm, unfortunately. The problem has been that if somebody so chooses they could hack into a private conversation between two people and make merry with what they view. Viewing is the tip of the iceberg as those people can edit the messages as well.


Whatsapp is trying to prevent this from ever happening by incorporating technology that provides end to end encryption. What does that even mean, some of you might ask. Well simply put Whatsapp is making it so that nobody but your intended recipient receives your risque messages. All jokes aside this is very important news. Whatsapp themselves won’t be able to view the messages, and you say but I never knew they could, well now they can’t.


The goal of all of this is to keep sensitive information safe and away from those who intend harm. It is the first step in a more secure direction the Whatsapp co-founders feel is necessary as they hope this feature is incorporated into all communication apps in the future.
This feature is turned on by default in the latest version of Whatsapp, so if you haven’t already then you should be on your particular app store downloading it now.

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