What’s Appening?

I know right, yet another eye catching title. I mean where does he get these, to be honest I’m full of them. More on topic, apps play a large part in our technological world and it is difficult to go a day without updating your status, or posting a picture, or stalking that special somebody you found searching for upside down twerking.


Apps have changed the way we do many activities like note taking, where we used to get a pad and pen to write down whatever, now all we do is whip out our phone and make our note in Evernote or a similar note taking app. Gone are the days where you were trying to sell something and had to print out a hundred flyers to place on boards or trees around town, now all you do is download the Gumtree, OLX, or BidorBuy app snap a photo and place it on sale.


It has been predicted that mobile gaming will surpass that of dedicated console and PC gaming in the coming years, now while I do not agree with that, it is difficult to deny the popularity of mobile gaming. The first time I tried to play Angry Birds my phone at the time could download it alright but it failed to actually play the game. When I did finally get to play it, you couldn’t stop me from getting back at those pig bastards for stealing my eggs, until the level got too difficult and then well it did stop me.


You would think that productivity of a person on a daily basis would decrease with the amount of distractions there are now, but you can find the Microsoft Office set of apps ready and waiting for your word processing on the go. If you are part of a group working on a project then you will find that the new slack app is one that can keep you in contact with your team.
We use so many apps without even thinking anymore, and just imagine that less than a decade ago, all we did with our phones was text, make phone calls, and surf the web a little because we know if we over did it we could expect a large bill at the end of the month. Our data consumption has grown quite a bit and the same holds true as we still wait for data prices to reach a more pleasing point. We now use our phones to provide us with the news, the weather, to keep us in contact with everyone all the time. They have truly made the world smaller. I hope to make this a feature to keep you all updated with new and exciting apps, but for now I think I’m gonna check out this Candy Crush game I keep getting requests for on Facebook.     

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