Western Digital Getting into the SSD Game (At Last)

Growing up I used to think that the faster the processor in my PC the faster it would run. Then I thought that the more RAM my PC had the faster it would run. I just thought I wasn’t getting the performance I was promised from those dirty manufacturers. It did dawn on me albeit quite late that my operating system was quite clunky and did not help matters, not to mention only running a defrag every couple of months. Suffice it to say the HDD was never at fault. To me it just stored my information and was the only component doing it’s job.


Come 2012 and all of the above has happened, my eyes opened to this somewhat new (I was quite slow on the uptake of new tech) technology. SSD (Solid State Drive) was what it was all about. I placed my order with our friends over at Rebel Tech and a few days later it arrived. I installed it and installed my operating system (Windows 7 at the time). The very next restart and boot my mind was blown as what used to take like 2 minutes occurred in less than 10 seconds as that beautiful log in screen showed itself. I never looked back.


My long winded self discovery aside, that was 4 years ago. Western Digital is one of the leading producers of HDDs but have now only entered the fray with their initial SSD release. There will be two variants namely Green and Blue with different storage options available. Green will be the more affordable of the two, with Blue including larger storage space such as 1TB.
This venture into the market comes after the finalization of the absorption of Sandisk by Western Digital. The inclination is that Western Digital are putting their name on the Sandisk SSDs, which isn’t such a bad thing as we have one and it seems to be working well.

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