The Beginning To Your Weight Loss Journey

How do I start losing weight or what should I do first before beginning my journey. These are some of the questions that plays on many minds.Whether to get that summer body ready or you just realized how unhealthy your lifestyle is, this is for you.


The Mental State


The only way that you would be able to actually begin to lose weight is having a mind free of negative thoughts. You have to say to yourself I want to do this rather than saying look at his/her results maybe I can do the same. You need to remember that everyone is different and your body and mind are unique and different from everyone else. Going into this you need to prepared to not meet all of your goals and also you need to understand that you may or may not lose as much as someone else. You may even do better than that the other person!


Every morning you need to stand in front of a mirror and see what thoughts pop into your mind. If your thoughts are “I hate myself” or “I hate the way I am or look” then you should not even focus on losing weight and you have another problem, which is not being happy with yourself. You need to go into this saying “I love myself” and “I look good, It’s just that I want to look better and be better”. If you can go into this with this type of mindset you’re already won one of the many battles you’re about to face.


The Food


This is the one aspect that scares most people away before even beginning. You need to keep a positive attitude throughout your journey. You need to say that this is a lifestyle and not a diet. You need to be willing to follow this and keep your game face on everyday.


To begin with the aspect of food I would suggest calculating how many calories your body needs everyday and working from there. You need to also establish goals not only with physical training but with eating as well. You should not go into this trying to cut your daily intake from 5000 calories to 700 calories, rather map out your current calories and maybe limit yourself to 4300 calories per day assuming you’re cutting from 5000 calories. Then after a month of staying within your allocated daily calorie limit say OK this is great let’s go down to 3500 calories and follow a similar cycle not until you eat 700 calories per day, lowest I would suggest going is 1500 calories.


The next aspect of food is what should you eat ?


Say you’ve set your calorie goals you should then set out a timetable. You should have 5 meals ideally per day, 2 of which should be snacks. I would recommend splitting these meals 2-3 hours apart. You should also have a balanced meal. It’s useless eating 3 Big Macs and calling it a day. Your meals must be sustainable and it must be balanced in a way which is dominant to protein.


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