Switching up the Play with the Nintendo Switch

Who knew a Will Smith song from 2005 could inspire a gaming console. Now that I have your attention, well it did not. Yesterday saw the unveiling the of the Nintendo Switch, previously known as the NX, and I can safely say that it is far from conventional when it comes to anything about it except maybe the audio ports. Let me just say it, the console transforms. It can sit in your living room and connect to your TV with a dock or you can make it portable by taking it off the dock and taking it wherever you like as it has a screen.


There is no word on whether the Switch has a touchscreen but the way the standard controller works with it is quite cute. If you would prefer to be mobile with the console then you can just clip on the control onto either side of the screen as there are two. Then you are ready to play. The kicker is being able to play multiplayer if you when you are out and about. All you do is slide off the controls and hand one of them to your mate. Since they are a mirror image of each other it makes playing seamless. They do look a bit too small but we won’t know much more about it until the console is released to reviewers. There is a regular sized controller to boot but very little is made of it in the launch trailer.


So it is as if I have forgotten the games, I kind of did. I’m kidding. Remember the good old days of using game cartridges, sorry I mean the days. Nintendo have decided to take you back there. These are not the giant cartridges you may be thinking of used on the NES or N64 but more along the lines of those used in the 3DS. There is no saying how much of storage you will have to make all of your many saves but that should not be a concern, there will be enough. In terms of actual games you can expect a new Mario title or 2, and a Zelda game. Not to mention Nintendo have at least 48 developer partners working on titles for the Switch.


After the huge success of the Wii, and the huge disappointment of the Wii U Nintendo are coming out of a sort of limbo. Their portable gaming consoles the DS Lite and 3DS have sheltered them somewhat from the mess or a lacklustre home console offering. They are looking to shake up the console market after the dominance of Sony and Microsoft. It will be difficult to make an impact as portable gaming has transitioned to mobile devices, you can ask the Playstation Vita all about it, and that seems to be their key selling point.

Why the console is only available in March of next year is my question, as the holiday season is always a bankable time of year to make fantastic sales figures. The PS4 Pro will capitalize on being the new console at this time of year with the Xbox One S being the alternate. I do hope Nintendo succeed, there is nothing wrong with taking a different approach to the established norm of gaming.

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