Remix OS Player, The Answer To Android On Windows

Jide makers of the popular operating system Remix os have now just released an emulated version of the android os. The Remix os player is a free download to all windows users.

Previously Remix os was a standalone android distro that could be used to replace Windows or Mac os. Remix player however is an emulator for android apps that works as an application on your current windows computer. The Remix player grants you access to the full google play store library of games and apps. Being a desktop app gives you the freedom to launch and close apps with ease without having to switch your operating system.

How will I interact ?

Remix player offers a button mapping tool which allows you to use your keyboard and mouse. Mac os support will be seen in the near future. To run the Remix player your computer will have to meet certain system requirements for smooth operation:

  • Windows 7(64bit) or later
  • 4GB of Ram (minimum)
  • intel i3 processor (minimum) An Intel core i5 or i7 is recommended
  • 8GB of storage (minimum) 16GB recommended

Should your system meet the above criteria you may proceed to download Remix Player linked below


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