R 5500 Home PC Build

In this century everything revolves around technology, it’s “Smart” this and “Smart” that. By now that crumby old Pentium 4 that your mom bought while you were in the grade 8 is obsolete to your little smartphone. Your smartphone can perform many tasks that makes a PC a foreign concept to a lot of us. To some of us our mobile devices have completely taken over our lives, but not all of us! However, there are a few flaws to mobile devices. For instance, they are super expensive and it’s almost impossible to upgrade them over time. The following PC build is for you if you don’t have a lot of cash to fork out. Maybe you just need to upgrade that old P4 or need a family PC that is reliable for general tasks and has a good upgrade path.


Asus A88XM

Motherboard – ASUS A88XM-A 

Price – R 1293

This motherboard ties in nicely with this build.  It has very good features that will allow it board to survive through many upgrades and additions to the system.

AMD Kaveri A6-7400k

Processor – AMD Kaveri A6 – 7400K

Price – R 1171

Good ol’ AMD. Nowadays they don’t get much love from many people and fall short of the king of the hill, Intel. But they do provide awesome performance for a dramatically lower cost and they have our love. This processor is not the absolute best but it does get the job done and the Intel that is in the same price bracket of it (priced in ZAR) would fall short of it. It also has some good integrated graphics. The Kaveri line of processors are pretty decent and if you need more power a simple step up in this line would provide a good boost in performance. Providing a good longevity for this system.

Kingston HyperX Savage

Memory/RAM –  2 x Kingston Hyper-X Savage 4GB DDR3-2400

Price – R 466 Each

To put it simply, these are two sticks of super fast temporary storage. For the AMD Kaveri Processor to work effectively it needs good and fast memory. It’s integrated graphics will love the faster memory and some tasks that are primarily dealing with graphics will thank you for your choice. These sticks of RAM also look awesome and will be an eye catcher through that case window.

Corsair Force LE 120GB

Storage – Corsair Force LE 120GB SSD

Price – R 891

In this super speedy era a Solid State Drive (SSD) is almost a necessity in any PC budget or not. This was a no brainer as it is almost the same price of an Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This will provide you with a smooth experience across the board. This was chosen as the intended user wouldn’t need much storage. But an HDD easily replaces this if storage space over speed is your main priority. I do recommend an HDD as an addition to the system.

Corsair VS450

Power Supply – Corsair VS 450W

Price – R 622

The power supply isn’t a component to skimp out on as it powers your PC and a bad Power supply can kill every component in your build. So a good reputable brand with a good enough wattage power supply didn’t require much thought. The higher price also brings a higher level of security and the ability to upgrade later on.

BitFenix Comrade

Case/Chassis – BitFenix Comrade (white)

Price – R 551

Well, it’s a case alright! No but really what more is it going to do besides enclose a bunch of components ? Well this guy needs a reality check, It has a window, throw in some LEDs and you’re ballin’. This is a way to show off your hard work and those components to everyone. This case in particular has a good clean aesthetic look and is really a beautiful chassis. The best part about it is that it doesn’t come with a premium price tag but still delivers a premium classy look.

Optional Extras 

Seagate Barracuda

HDD – Seagate Barracuda 1TB 

Price – R 909

Highly Recommended !

This can replace the SSD

NOTE: The prices listed below is excluding an operating system, keyboard & mouse, and monitor. All Prices taken from Rebel Tech and are subject to change without notice.

Total Cost R 5460 

Cost With Optional ExtraR 6369 

Cost With Only Hard DriveR 5478


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