Our Mission

Hello 👋

First, we’d like to welcome you to our mission page! Ending up here means you’re truly interested in what we are doing, and we appreciate that.

Who are the founders?

Byte-Sized Bits was founded by two brothers that have a love for STEM:

David Jenkins has been enamored with all things STEM as far back as he can remember. From learning BASIC, to breaking computers, writing game hacks (😅), to his current day-to-day work as a Full Stack Software Engineer where he helps create and lead the development of a platform for mobile games... it’s always been STEM.

Lane Haremaker has a growing yearn for more knowledge of all things STEM. Introduced to electrical engineering concepts on a trip out to help David Jenkins move; things have never been the same for Lane. Always ready to pounce on the next idea, Lane is now a true STEM lover and seeker of knowledge.

Together, we not only share a love of STEM, but also  a ‘want’ to see more people take the first steps as well.

What is the focus?

At the moment, we are actively trying to plan and execute on the development of high-quality STEM related content.

The core focus is always to make our content exciting and immersive, with zero limitations. Have an idea? Let us know!