Memory Performance Differences Between the New iPhone Models

When you purchase the most premium of premium products the assumption is that you are receiving the highest quality components all neatly put together in a little (or not so little) shell. Apple will have you believe that their products are the fairest of them all, and after all of the drama Samsung has recently had with their latest Note device, this time they might just be right.


The problem is that Apple have seemed to cut a corner on the 32GB variant of the iPhone 7. As the title of this article suggests there are performance differences between the different models, and they are quite eye opening. Tests have shown that the difference in performance is as much as 3 times which is quite embarrassing.


This would be negligible if the 32GB model came in at a lower price point compared to what it currently sells at but it does not. In the grand scheme of things it may not affect most users however those expecting top performance from their new iPhone may end up regretting their decision in the long run.
This may also be a bad batch of devices and Apple will have a chance to rectify but it all remains to be seen as sales of the new iPhone opens up to new territories every week, with more and more people hopefully testing their phones. Apple can count on flying under the radar for a little while as the main news attraction for the time being remains with Samsung halting the Note 7’s production. This year is turning out to be kind of a dud for smartphones.   

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