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A media PC is used to watch various formats of media content by streaming from the internet, a local network or from your local storage devices. Over the years, a media PC has become more popular due to it being able to be used as a computer and as a media player unlike media players which can only be used to view media and not perform other tasks that a computer would be used for as well.

AMD Godaveri A8-7670K

Processor – AMD Godavari A8-7670K 

Price – R 1898

The processor chosen is able to perform all the needed tasks that a media player requires such has being able to watch full HD videos. This processor does not require a dedicated graphics card to process advanced video.

BitFenix Phenom-M

Case/Chassis – BitFenix Phenom-M

Price – R 1542

This is the ideal case for a media PC. It is compact and it has 5 x 3.5’’ hard drive bays as well as 5 x 2.5’’ hard drive bays which will be sufficient for an average media PC build.

Asus A88XM

Motherboard – ASUS A88XM-A

Price – R 1293

This motherboard contains the necessary features and it would also allow for a possibility of future upgrades.


RAM/Memory – ADATA XPG V2 8GB Kit

Price – R 908

This set of ram would allow the integrated graphics of the processor to perform optimally due to it’s speed and it is necessary for a media PC without a graphics card.

Corsair CX 500W

Power Supply – Corsair CX500M 

Price – R 1126

A modular power supply is necessary for a media PC with a case of this size as it would make installation much more easier for the user. It also allows you to not have the extra cables lying around inside the case and only use the ones that you require for your components.

Corsair Force LE 120GB

Storage- Corsair Force LE 120GB

Price – R 891

In this super speedy era a Solid State Drive (SSD) is almost a necessity in any PC budget or not. This was a no brainer as it is almost the same price of an Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This will provide you with a smooth experience across the board.

Optional Extras 

Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO








Better Processor Cooler – Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO

Price – R 311

LG Blu-Ray Writer








Blu-Ray Drive – LG Blu-Ray Drive OEM

Price – R 1067

NOTE: The prices listed below is excluding an operating system, keyboard & mouse, and monitor. All Prices taken from Rebel Tech and are subject to change without notice.

Total CostR 7658

Cost With All Optional ExtrasR 9036

Cost With 1st Optional Extra (Processor Cooler )R 7969 

Cost With 2nd Optional Extra (Blu-Ray Drive)R 8725

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