iPhone SE: A Lot of iPhone in a Little Body

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were released last year to the same fanfare that most iPhone’s receive as it is one of the if not the highlight to Apple’s year. The introduction of 3D touch was the main attraction, however notable mentions go to the upgraded camera, the new A9 and M9 processors, and less bendiness. What was missing was the 4 inch iPhone that was also expected at the event, as there were enough rumors to suggest that Apple were going to reintroduce a smaller model iPhone.


I guess we all just had to wait a few months because now we have a new 4 inch iPhone. This iPhone SE takes the familiar shape of the iPhone 5/5S which is not exactly wow but those phones did look good. The iPhone SE packs in most of the specs of it’s larger siblings which make it as Apple state, the most powerful 4 inch smartphone ever. It has the new processors, and the improved camera, however it lacks the 3D touch feature, so no holding down on app icons and expecting pop up menus because that isn’t going to work. Oh and the front facing camera has taken quite a downgrade to 1.2MP, so best stick to using the rear snapper for all selfies.


This could be a very clever move from the tech giant as we are based in a time where the bigger the smartphone the more fancy the features. Every person does not want a large screened device and presently the smartphones that are similar in size to the iPhone SE or are a little bigger are considered to be mid-range phones.
In a day and age where size seems to be king, the iPhone SE could be the ace up Apple’s sleeve as it offers flagship specifications in a smaller form factor. The phone is out on the 14th of April in South Africa, with pricing yet to be confirmed but expect it to be sort of in between that of the flagship and the mid-range androids.      

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