Home Button on the Fritz, Apple Have a Solution

I love Apple products. I’m not afraid to say it. My iPhone 5S does everything I need it to do with relative ease and 3 years after it’s release the camera still shoots great photos when compared to more recent devices. I do not dismiss phones that run Android if that’s what you’re thinking as I think Samsung have pushed Apple into upping their game from the release of the Galaxy S2 and Note series (most recent iteration excluded obviously).


As I mentioned in a previous post that with all of the problems that Samsung have just experienced with the Note 7 and eventually ending production on the device, Apple aren’t being put under the microscope as much this time around. Slower storage memory on the 32GB model of the iPhone, is nothing compared to, “Hey did you hear about that Samsung phone that explodes?!”. It can turn out to be grossly unjust as if you do not have an interest in technology then the entire Samsung product line will be lumped together with one bad egg.


The shortcomings of the iPhone 7 will be somewhat overlooked after that though. As it turns out their may be an issue with the new home button. Gone are the days of the mechanical clicky button, which I am not a huge fan of as I keep thinking please don’t give up on me today. The problem I have is the over reliance on the home button to exit apps, or more recently with unlocking the phone as slide to unlock has been done away with in iOS 10. It was all to show off the introduction of the “taptic engine” into the iPhone. It’s all about force, so fears evaporated. That is until it starts marching to beat of it’s own drum as one user experienced.
Expecting malfunction, Apple have worked into iOS 10 an on screen home button replacement so you are not left with a good looking paperweight. Oh how I love you ol’ clicky.       

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