Google I/O 2016: The Keynote Edition 02 – Final Edition


This is the companion app to the Allo. It was announced as the simple video chat app for everyone. DUO lets you see a video stream of the person before answering the call. This allows you to see what the person is doing before accepting the call. The app will release during the Summer (America) or Winter (Local).


Google also had to have its hand in VR. Google announced its Daydream platform which is built on Android N. It allows content to be projected optimally on a VR headset. Its set for release in Autumn (America) or Spring (Local). Google also showed off a small remote to interact. Several Devices all supporting Daydream from major manufactures will be releasing this year.

Android Wear

Another major announcement was Android wear 2.0. The preview version has already been released for download and it will be available to all users soon. Many improvements were made including improved handwriting recognition and big updates to Google Fitness which allows communication between other apps. They also introduced instant apps allowing you to access apps without needing to download it. Its currently in preview but Google say they will make it work even though it may take a lot of time to get it right.

That’s it for our I/O coverage. This has been all the news from the major Google event.

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