Google Cracks Down on Websites with Deceptive Ads

Have you ever been surfing the web just searching and clicking, and searching and clicking and found yourself looking at a red splash screen all of a sudden. I’m assuming obviously that you are using Google as your search engine of choice, I mean who really knows any others in 2016. Well that red screen has meaning attached to it in the way of a warning about the website you are trying to access. Initially the warning was about potentially downloading malware onto your computer. Malware being malicious software designed purely with the intention of doing damage to a computer without the user knowing. Thank you Google.


It seems now that Google is expanding their safe browsing initiative by viewing “social engineered” ads as the next obvious threat. These “social engineered” ads can be anything such as a little box on a website that says your software is out of date and that you should click on it to update it. These ads look authentic and seem like they are part of the website so you feel you can trust them. Simply put, you shouldn’t.


When you find yourself on Google searching for the truth about unicorns and you click on a link and are presented with the red warning screen, Google is saying stop. There could be a deceptive website ahead, or you stumbled upon the truth and the unicorn people are on to you. Google is making a stand for the unsuspecting so they do not invite trouble onto their computers, and this warning system is fair as it gives you a choice. You can choose to take your chances and visit the website or you can take the offer Google makes and go back to safety.
If you are a webmaster and feel you are being hard done by which is possible as some of these ads can creep onto an innocent website, there is guidance for you. Google has provided social engineering help for webmasters.

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