Facebook Live: It’s Happening Right now…Sort of

Imagine the title being said by the action movie trailer guy, makes it sound a lot better. Last year Facebook introduced its version of live video that’s similar to Periscope and YouTube have to offer. They have now come out with a slew of new updates that will be available in the coming weeks for all to enjoy.


The initial use of this feature was to share what is happening through video with friends and family on facebook as they could tune into what you were doing, either live or slightly delayed. The first of new features now include the ability to share with groups and events going on. This means that you can share a new particular workout with a group you are apart of, or maybe you are a performer and want to give your fans a sneak peek of what the eventual show is going to be like. It can also be used to be part of a birthday party if you were unable to attend, as if you weren’t sad enough already.


A new feature called Live Reactions will let viewers comment on a live stream using similar status emojis to help share their opinion on something they just saw. To avoid spoilers if you are viewing a video that isn’t live the comments only show up as you are watching and are not already there like on YouTube. You can also invite friends to watch the video while you are watching it and they will receive a push notification. Live Filters and the ability to draw on a video while it’s being viewed are features that are being worked on and will also make their debut soon.


The Facebook Live feed will find a dedicated place in the Facebook app as well while there is a Facebook Live Map on desktop to view broadcasts around the world. This service is being rolled out a little slower but is available in 60 countries already. I am not sure when these new features will reach us in South Africa, but as soon as it is will be watching all sorts of great feeds like making an order at KFC and the like. Happy Facebook Live people.

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