Facebook Continue to Take on Snapchat With New WhatsApp Feature

Snapchat has done a number on Facebook. So much so that the massive social network has added various features that Snapchat have made common to their ecosystem. Instagram went from being an app that focused on sharing that one special shot to the selfie leader, and now a video message app all inclusive.

I know the first thought is that if you do not adapt then you die, and to an extent I agree. However I can’t help but think is there no app that has one specific feature anymore? WhatsApp scratched and clawed it’s way to the top of the texting world and then sold out to Facebook. Ok I’m lying, WhatsApp dominated for some time. Anyway WhatsApp did a specific job, you could text whoever had the app on their phone. Then calling was added and that was fine, it upset operators but users rejoiced as the feature was handy just in case you did not have airtime.

Now a new feature potentially called Status is being added. You will be thinking that WhatsApp already has the option to set a status, well this is different. You will able to set a status, picture and all, with the kicker being that there will be a counter tallying up all the views it receives. So just in case you were feeling insecure about the new picture you just posted, this will help build on the insecurity when nobody views your status. The feature will be added in a future update of WhatsApp.

It is similar to the way Snapchat stories works, and this more of Facebook acting on their paranoia that Snapchat is affecting their user base. Facebook want everybody in their ecosystem all the time.   

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