Dragon Ball Z

Episodes         : 291

Genres             : Superpowers, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts

Languages      : Japanese (with subtitles), English (dubbed)

Do you remember waiting patiently for 5 ‘o clock to come around so you could get your fix of DBZ (and hoping that gran didn’t want to watch her soapies)? No? So that was just me then. This was the first anime that I remember watching and possibly also for you reading this. It had everything I could have asked for, action, adventure, comedy, oh and did I mention action. This will contain some spoilers; you have been warned.

Dragon Ball Z told the story of Goku during his adult life and the hardships he went through to protect the things he loved. The first thing you will learn about Goku is that he is not human but an alien belonging to a warrior race known as Saiyans. He’s made a home on earth and has a family with a son who is half Saiyan named Gohan.

Goku is kind hearted, compassionate and humble. But at the same time he’s a goofball who can let situations get out of control due to his easy going nature. Goku is a skilled martial artist and uses his skills to protect his loved ones as well as his adopted home (planet). He has faced many tough foes with the aid of his friends and even turned former enemies into valuable allies. He never backs down from a challenge even when the odds are totally against him and his friends.

The series starts off when another Saiyan comes to earth to find out what has become of Goku. But hold it right there what about the dragon balls in the title? Just hang in there a little I’m getting to that. Anyway Gohan gets kidnapped by the other Saiyan and Goku sacrifices his life to save his son. Say what??? Yes, indeed Goku dies but calm down its ok, no need for tears just yet. You see they use the aforementioned dragon balls to wish him back to life. I’m sorry if I scared you there for a moment. See what had me hooked.

From here things just get worse for him and planet earth. Goku always strives to better himself and now he is forced too as stronger foes come to destroy what he holds dear. For that reason alone, to protect everyone, he trains hard at his martial arts. There’s only one thing he loves more than training and that is food. He’s one dude that can chow down.

The series has five major arcs/sagas including the one mentioned. Next he takes on the Saiyan prince Vegeta in a battle to the death to protect Gohan and earth. Even when his body is about to give up on him he still doesn’t give in and pushes till he finds a break through.

After that he makes his way to the planet Namek to face arguably the most memorable foe in the series, Frieza. The build up to their epic encounter sees him and a few of his friends and a former enemy take on Frieza’s underlings. When Goku finally squares up to Frieza it was for me the best battle in the series with the most hated of all the villains. Only when his best friend is viciously killed is Goku able to finally do what no other Saiyan could, ascend to the next level, a Super Saiyan (with a new look and all, gold hair why not). This finally tips the battle in his favour.

Thereafter they eventually make their way back to earth only to find out that a mad scientist from Goku’s past has created some Andriods to destroy Goku. Unknown to the Androids another of the scientist’s creations, named Cell, is searching them out to absorb them to become complete and carry out their creator’s final wish. This leads to a tournament style showdown where this time Goku inexplicably leaves it in Gohan’s hands after sacrificing his life again (dammit Goku quit playing with our feelings again). This sacrifice along with the sight of an ally being killed causes Gohan to ascend to a level higher than an ascended Super Saiyan, a Super Saiyan 2 and finally defeat Cell.

The final saga in the DBZ series has Goku and his friends facing off against the most powerful being in the universe, Majin Buu. Buu is awakened from his hibernation using the energy stolen from other fighters in the Martial Arts Tournament. Will all the odds against him and fighting an ally that gained more power by agreeing to work under Buu (Vegeta didn’t like being inferior to Goku being a prince and all, go figure), he puts life and limb on the line to keep his home safe.

This was my introduction into anime, it started with a Saiyan named Goku and has grown from there. It was an amazing and captivating show that had me waiting for the next episode. Watching the character’s growth was incredibly satisfying. I’ve tried not to give away much so that you can enjoy every twist and turn along the way.

Before we part I have one question for you, do you believe in the heart of the cards? Until next time, enjoy your fix of DBZ.

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