Daily Bytes 31/05/2016: Morning Bits

Remember the days of booting up your Pentium 4 to Windows XP and just watching that little blue slider make what felt like an infinite number of trips across the screen. Those days were quite something. They were also a long time ago because now Intel have just announced the new range of Broadwell-E processors that will get to the loading screen and explode the little blue slider into an infinite amount of dust as it loads every single operating system in existence. This new line up is called the Extreme Edition with a varying number of cores across the price range, from 6 to 10. The 10 core behemoth is the first ever by Intel.

The likelihood of a single plug iPhone is growing increasing more real as images of a Chinese made headphone adapter have surfaced showing a lightning connector with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the end. It is still a rumour but it is gaining a lot of traction as the months go by leading up to the month of September when the new iPhone should be announced. This is a similar change compared to the movement toward using USB Type C connectors on phones and potentially removing the headphone jack, however USB Type C is fast becoming the new standard. The problem with the lightning connector-only setup is that it will only fit Apple devices. Expensive choices will have to be made.

If you held on tightly to your Bitcoin treasure trove just in the hopes that it would become popular again then you just might be in luck. The value of Bitcoin saw a massive jump in price and is currently valued at $547.40, now with just 4 Bitcoins you could purchase the most expensive processor I mentioned above. Obviously the retailer would have to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Mediatek not to be outdone by Qualcomm, which is the leading mobile chip manufacturer, has announced Pump Express 3.0. This is to compete with Quick Charge. Pump Express 3.0 is quite impressive as it can charge a phone from 0 – 70% in just 20 minutes. The way this is made possible Mediatek say is by bypassing the charging circuit inside the phone and routing the electrical current straight to the battery. It remains to be seen whether this is safe or not but Mediatek say they have employed 20 safety protection systems to prevent device and charger overheating issues.
Players of The Witcher 3 should getting themselves ready for the final installment to the game’s story, Blood and Wine, which is releasing today for download. The download will come in at 10 – 15GB depending on which platform you play on. It is worth noting though that yesterday CD Projekt Red released update 1.20 to fix various bugs and prepare your setup for the expansion, i.e. if you have purchased it. The update is available to all so best download it and improve your Witcher experience.

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