Daily Bytes 28/05/2016: Weekends

Racing fans rejoice as Codemasters have released details about their upcoming Formula 1 game F1 2016. The main attraction will be the game’s career mode, where you get the simple out of the way quickly with the selecting of the number for your car and designing of your helmet. Thereafter life gets real as you must choose which team you would like to race for as they all have different aspirations for the season, the top tier teams all vying for the championship titles. You will be in communication with your R&D Engineer and Agent to discuss upgrading your car and discussing your future respectively. There are different types of tests from track learning to tyre tests that contribute to earning skill points that can be used on developing your car. The virtual safety car feature has been introduced to give the game that much more realism with an incentive in the shape of the new Baku street circuit making it’s debut. F1 2016 is expected to be released sometime this winter with Amazon setting a date of August 16.

VR has been making all the news lately, from hacking your Oculus Rift software to a PC backpack that is more powerful than your current computer and possibly your next one too. Smartphones have been having a go at VR as well with Samsung and the Gear VR and Google with their Cardboard setup. We can consider the game being taken to the next level now as Samsung have a new display panel in the works for their smartphones. A 5.5 inch 4K screen being made specifically for VR. This isn’t the first smartphone display to have a 4K display with Sony’s Z5 Premium holding that title but that was a gimmick with very few differences found between it and it’s full HD sibling. Samsung are taking a different approach and we can only expect them to learn from Sony’s mistake.

GTA Online seems to be the game that keeps on giving. Although Rockstar milked the last title by releasing it on older consoles first, then on the current generation of consoles, and finally on PC they certainly have kept on giving regular updates to the online aspect of GTA 5. The latest of which is available as an update on June 7th, is titled “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” is a follow up to last year’s “Executives and Other Criminals”. It gives you the opportunity to expand your criminal empire and even become CEO office and all. There will be new weapons and even a new sports car included. There may be in-game purchases but if you were able to build your way up the underground ladder without it then it will all taste that much sweeter.
This is not official yet but Google Nexus owners are likely to say goodbye to the size imposed by the Google Photos app i.e. 16MP for photos and 1080p for video. Code in the app, recently found by Android Police, suggests that the future is likely to be an unrestricted one. Google Photos recently celebrated a year in existence and this could be the start of perks rolling out to all users, not just Nexus owners.

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