Daily Bytes 24/10/16: Daily Edition

Live Video for All! (But Not Really)
Facebook seem to be of the belief that if you miss on one front there’s no harm done, we can always try again. Facebook Live is the the live video streaming that Facebook offer to all of their users. They have figured that a billion plus users are not enough though as it seems that they are trialling a similar feature on Instagram. It is all about the numbers and Facebook have them all. The belief is that Facebook are using live video as means to promote virtual reality later on, as well as to gain access to the television advertising market. Do not go looking for live video on Instagram because it is likely it is all being kept very low key. In fairness to live video streaming unless you are on a great data plan, it seems to only make sense if you are connected to a WiFi of some kind.

Explicit Content Now Allowed on Facebook (But Only if it is Newsworthy)

I got you there. Facebook is family friendly. That will never change. They are sort of bending though. Recently there have been moments where they have removed content that was deemed a little too skin friendly, however those posts were not exactly pornographic. It was more along the lines of awareness for breast cancer. Certain newspaper publications made these posts in line with breast cancer awareness month. In some cases a picture accompanied the posts and it depicted that of a female breast, animated or otherwise. These posts were censored in the form of removal and it was not taken lightly. So much so that Facebook have announced that it will be screening content more closely. This applies to situations of violence as well where if it is deemed newsworthy then it will not be censored. I can only assume that there will be a warning placed on all posts so not to affect sensitive viewers.  

The Last Guardian Goes Gold

Going gold in the software world is the equivalent of making a sandwich with the crusts still intact. The product is deemed worthy to be presented to the public without fear of potential hardware breaking moments. It may not be perfect but it is acceptable. There is likely going to be a patch on release because that is the joy of gaming in present times but for a game that was in development since 2007, there is no problem. I mean it has the most awesome dog creature ever, though I have my reservations since this is from the same people that brought us Shadow of the Colossus. They better not hurt that dog.

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