Daily Bytes 24/09/16: Weekends

The 50th Daily Bytes Installment


Yesterday we learn’t about the hack that yahoo experienced in 2014 which compromised ~500 million accounts, today yahoo has been hit with a law suit. The hack exposed very sensitive user information, Friday afternoon we got news of a possible law suit, today this is confirmed. It accuses Yahoo of not being able to implement simple security and that the company knew of the hack long before it was disclosed, but chose to hide it until the sale to Verizon was completed. Attorneys said that a breach of this magnitude went undetected by a Tech giant like Yahoo is astounding. A separate class action law suit was also filed before the hack was disclosed by plaintiffs wondering how others had they’re account information.

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Google Glass, nah.. Snapchat Spectacles. If you ever wanted to view the world through Snapchat coloured glasses your wait is now over. The glasses will shoot first person snaps, the glasses can shoot 10 sec of video through a 115 degree angle lens which resembles the human field of view. The glasses are activated by a tap of the button located in the upper edge of the lens. The glasses will launch in the fall (Autumn) will releases in a limited batch in black, coral and teal. They will only launch in one size for $129.99 (R 1782,01). The company also has a new name which is Snap Inc. The company CEO says this is due to the company wanting to pursue new markets.

Snapchat Spectacles
Snapchat Spectacles


As we draw closer to Google’s Oct.4 event we find more info of the possible announcements, yesterday we found that in addition to the Pixel phone we may also get a Wi-Fi device similar to Eero. Today we have more details about the Home Speaker, the speaker is a direct competitor to Amazon’s Echo and may retail for about $129 (R 1768,44) which is around $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo. We have no information on how the Home Speaker is going to work and the possible integrations it may have, Google hasn’t released its API publicly yet so integrations may be some what propitiatory for now. We do know it will have multi room functions and Google search functionality.

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