Daily Bytes 24/05/2016: Afternoon Bits

Snapchat have introduced the use of stickers into the app. I am not a big Snapchat user but I imagine that this will make the already massively popular social app even more popular among its users. The stickers will roll out in a small update to the app, so as soon as you download it the sooner you will be able stick a sleeping cat texting or stick a text bubble on your snaps.

I am not a fan of rumours and prefer something a little more concrete but I have kept coming across this little bit of information expecting a major upgrade to the MacBook Pro range of laptops that Apple produce. There is speculation that the functional keys above the keyboard are being done away with and will be replaced with a touch OLED bar. Coupled with this is a thinner lighter MacBook Pro, and possibly touch ID. Makes the force touch trackpad seem really minor now.

Expect the next Star Wars Battlefront game to have a single player campaign, as it was revealed that the reason the 2015 title was developed without one was so it could coincide with the premiere of The Force Awakens. EA’s executive vice president admitted as much to this so they could make the biggest impact they could with the game, and they certainly did selling 14 million copies.

Something to giggle about or throw a cup against the wall depending how you receive this news. Seems like the new Assassin’s Creed movie is take a page out of the gaming playbook by offering a range of packages to people who want to purchase such items ahead of the movie premiere later this year. The pricing goes from ok to are you serious really quickly. I am not sure if these will be offered in South Africa but based on the popularity of the game franchise, a little bit of everything may make it’s way to us.
Closing off, I would like you to think about the value of money today. It seems like a weird request. Just yesterday I brought you news of a Fruit Ninja movie in the works, today I bring older news that should have been taken as a joke unless you enjoy your symmetry. There is a Tetris movie being made people, and it has a budget of $80 million. Add to this is that it is the first in a trilogy of Tetris movies.

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