Daily Bytes 22/06/2016: Morning Bits

Instagram now has 500 million active users. It was announced by Mark Zuckerberg since Facebook owns the photo sharing social network. It further compounds the state that Twitter is in as they remain on just over 300 million users. I just wonder how many of those 500 million are human users as everyday it seems that a bot of some kind likes a photo I post or starts to follow me. Today won’t be the day that I want to skype to see you nude. On a separate note while making the announcement it seems Mark is quite the private guy as it was pointed out that he covers up his webcam. Guess I should put a shirt on and do this.

The ability to create a new phone number for the purpose of giving it to somebody you just met instead of your actual number is genius. That is what Burner gives you the opportunity to do. You are out, having a good time and you happen to meet somebody new. You hit it off and give that person your number thinking something might come of it. Turns out the person is a little too forward for your liking and doesn’t take a hint when you can’t make it to “coffee” after the fifth time of asking. So you have to go the blocking route. Burner makes it so that you do not even have to worry about future blocking, just remove the number you created and done. The creators have included a bot, to respond to that one text too many, recently. Ghostbot will take care of it. My opinion though is sometimes a straightforward no is better than being nice.

If you are the proud owner of a Google Nexus device (like myself) then you may be lucky (or unlucky) to find out when the tech giant will be dropping support for your device i.e no new shiny Android updates for you. The general case is a device seeing a 2 year cycle of updates so the latest pair of the 5X and 6P will run until September 2017 (Phew!). The much loved Nexus 5 was updated last October to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it will not be seeing Android 7. The writing was on the wall when it wasn’t part of the beta program for Android 7. The Motorola made Nexus 6 does not have an expiry date as yet. Google say that devices will continue to receive security updates 18 months after the phone is last sold on the Play Store.
Talk about putting your skills where your mouth is. A 17 year old pro gamer was recently accused of cheating or using “hacks” to better perform in games. So to prove to her accusers that she plays fair she put on a live show she went to game broadcaster Inven and showed off her actual talents over a hour long session. The game in question was Overwatch, and we all know how seriously Blizzard treats potential cheaters, so the teen had to clear her name before possibly receiving a lifetime ban. A little bit of afters for her accusers were the fact they would give up the pro gaming scene if she she was that good. Cheating happens, but sometimes it’s best to appreciate talent when you see it.

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