Daily Bytes 21/05/2016

That game that the Forza series has been beating so consistently in recent years is back. Gran Turismo Sport is the latest in the Gran Turismo series and it comes with promising new features. Firstly it has FIA licensing to give it a degree of authenticity. You can also change the look of your car to give it a personal touch. Finally you can take a very realistic picture of your car in 1000 different locations. Polyphony Digital are definitely making a real attempt at taking on Forza.


Nokia is back people. Well somewhat. Ok a little. Nokia have a new holding company in the way of HMD who are very interested in making phones and tablets. These new phones and tablets will be using the extremely popular Android OS and not Windows Mobile. Nokia are now known as the company that makes great feature phones i.e. those phones you use primarily to make phone calls and send texts with astounding battery life. They are now going to try and dip their toes back in the smartphone market. More competition for Samsung.


Google is having its go at another messaging application in the way of Allo. It will come with an incognito mode which essentially means a chat will be encrypted end-to-end. This is not dissimilar to WhatsApp, Signal, and Viber however this is not a feature that is turned on by default. This is disappointing as it means turning on the incognito mode every time. The outstanding feature of Allo is the incorporation of bots into normal use where it even suggests responses, called smart replies, for you so you don’t have to think about your response to anybody. Pictures are analysed and an appropriate smart reply is suggested for you. The smart replies improve the more you use the the app, and it tailors them around the way you communicate. Alongside Allo, a video calling app was also introduced named Duo. It is end-to-end encrypted, and has a very cool feature of showing you who is calling you before you decide to answer. The max resolution is 720p, though not many people in South Africa will be using that as data is not exactly cheap, though the resolution does adjust accordingly to the type of connection available. Both applications work with the cellphone number of the user, which is similar to WhatsApp.  


Uber have revealed that users are willing to pay more when their phone is about to die.Yes the Uber app has access to know how much of life your battery has left, apparently so the app can go into a low power mode. It is during this time of their device’s low power that people are willing to pay what is called surge pricing by Uber to get transport. Surge pricing generally applies during peak periods like a Saturday night.
Apple have had to stop the latest update of iOS 9.3.2 to its iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet because users immediately began to report problems, otherwise known as bricking. The problem cannot be fixed by plugging the tablet to a computer and using iTunes so users will just have to hang tight for now. Back in March older iPads exhibited a similar problem while attempting to update to iOS 9.3. The good news is Apple generally works quickly to release a fix for the problem so one should be out soon.  

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