Daily Bytes 20/06/2016: Afternoon Bits

TaihuLight is the new champ. Cue the music, lights, and smoke machine as it makes it’s entrance. Oh you don’t know what TaihuLight is, well it is the new fastest supercomputer in the world, beating the previous fastest Tianhe-2. Both these marvelous creations can be found in China. The TaihuLight can do 93 quadrillion calculations a second, which is quite a bit to say the least. These calculations range from predicting the weather (another one I know), to a variety of uses within the manufacturing and science fields. The major difference between the TaihuLight and the Tianhe-2 is that the former is built entirely from components sourced in China which is a first. All it needs to do is make coffee, and it will be the complete computer.

What is in a name? If you name your child Harry Cox then the chances are he won’t be found on cereal boxes anytime soon like a certain Steve Rogers. He may be able to do everything Captain America can do and then some but with a name like Harry Cox he may just become a chartered accountant. My point is that names are a serious business and brands do not mind a bit of litigation if you happen to infringe on what is theirs. No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games found this out when apparently the word sky is owned by Sky TV in the UK. This has been recently sorted out and the game has been allowed to use the word sky in the title of their game. If you want an example of how serious they can get then just ask Microsoft about SkyDrive OneDrive.

The one that got away. That sentiment is not lost on me. I mean I can remember it clearly as though it were yesterday, I could have taken the cases full of money and left Batman to die but I didn’t. Thought I was reminiscing about a lost love, well shame on you for thinking I have a life. EA must feel somewhat lost and foolish after a Psyonix design director let it out that they approached EA about rocket league in 2011 but were turned away. EA won’t lose too much sleep over it after the amazing showing at E3 last week, but they have made it known that they want the next “rocket league”. Never forget your first love and all that.
A little bit of legal news for your late Monday reading. Twitch are taking a hard stance on users who manipulate bots into doing evil. Ok that sounds quite dramatic, but it really is about the less light side of bots. There are players on Twitch that use bots to inflate their personal view number so they may be more discoverable to actual viewers all the while trying to gain a Twitch partnership. These same users tend to use bots to disrupt legitimate players from being discovered as well. All in all it’s less than nice what is going on, and Twitch are taking action against it. This action comes in the form of a lawsuit. The activities of some users have been deemed unlawful and Twitch are trying to maintain the the integrity they have built with their viewers and users by carrying it out.

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