Daily Bytes 19/10/16: Daily Edition

Big Apples Expected October 27th

Save the date as Apple are finally expected to announce the new MacBook line-up including the Air and the Pro. This has been expected for months now and finally the rumor mill can stop telling us about OLED touch panels and USB C only set ups. We can take a deep breath as we wait for next Thursday. Sales of Macs may have gone down in recent times but with the announcement of a new series of notebooks this will likely change. Those who have always been interested in the product but never wanted to pay full retail value on it should wait a little while longer as prices will surely come down as retailers try to clear stock. Other expected announcements at the event include a new iMac and a standalone 5K monitor, well because Apple. No mention of a new Mac Pro yet.



Explore Instagram for a Story or 2 (Stay for the Pictures)

Instagram created stories for the simple purpose of combating the popularity that Snapchat had garnered. Oh and what popularity as Snapchat made communicating with friends extremely fun for the younger lot. Instagram stood firm as the platform where the person who wanted to share their beautiful shots, until it became Facebook’s photo hub. In the end it is all about getting users on your app so naturally features will be traded. Which brings me back to stories on Instagram which has seen an update to the app to now appear in the explore tab. This is a leg up on the competition because Snapchat may offer feeds of certain advertisers, it does not allow you to view just anybody since it works purely on a add in basis. Instagram may have strict guidelines on the content that may be presented but the explore tab makes it possible to view just about anybody’s profile if they allow it.



Microsoft Ready for a Busy Couple of Weeks

Windows is the most used operating system throughout the world. No matter what you may use at home there are likely to be offices and computer rooms in schools and universities filled with machines running some version of Windows, most likely it’s XP. So your one Mac or if you really like to be different and use Linux makes little difference. Microsoft want to keep it this way so they have 2 events coming up. Next Wednesday, the 26th of October they are likely to present an all new Surface computer which is all-in-one. At the same event we will likely receive new information on future updates of Windows 10. The following week on November 2nd we will see an Office centered event which will be attended by the Microsoft CEO himself, Satya Nadella. It seems that they are going to be all about business however a true competitor against Google Docs would be much appreciated. It will be a sign of intent since Internet Explorer lost the bragging rights as top web browser to Google Chrome earlier this year.     

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