Daily Bytes 14/10/16: Daily Edition


Google add Spooky Features to Photos with New Update

I’m lying. I do that. Maybe because Halloween is nearby and I’m feeling mischievous. Anyway the so called spooky feature is the ability to rediscover memories or pictures of people that have appeared most recent in your collection. Perfect for reminiscing about your ex who is now your “friend”. The option shows up as a card. The next noteworthy feature comes in the way of everybody’s favourite moving picture. Yes the app will now automatically make GIFs from a selection of photos it finds to be taken consecutively for your sharing pleasure. Finally, and probably the best new feature is the option to rotate photos to a less eye straining angle. I know that doesn’t seem all that great but the assistant does all of the work from finding the photos to choosing a more acceptable angle to rotate to. All you have to do is tap.



View Your Facebook Videos on TV

No no, not as in having a Facebook channel that allows you to log in and view your feed on your television with a host giving you a breakdown on how nobody posts on your wall. That would be something though. This is a little less invasive. Those that use a Google Chromecast or Apple TV can now rejoice as Facebook is adding the necessary protocols to support those devices. It means that if you come across a video you might like to watch on a screen bigger than 5 inches then you can fling it onto the big screen. Because that’s all that was lacking, another way to watch a parody of pineapple pen.



Instagram on Windows 10 PCs and Tablets

Being a former user of a Lumia device I can say without a doubt that the problem mainly suffered was the lack of app support. Until April of this year (well after I had given the phone up) Instagram remained in beta on Windows Phone and it was in this state even before I got my Lumia. Now we find that Instagram does not only have a stable version on Windows 10 Mobile, but an app available within the larger Windows 10 ecosystem as well i.e desktop and tablet. This is in part thanks to the universal nature of Microsoft’s operating system. Those using an iPad still have to make do with using the app optimized for iPhone so there’s something Microsoft can laud over Apple.     



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