Daily Bytes 14/06/2016: Morning Bits

I do love the Forza Horizon franchise. It is a lot less serious than Forza Motorsport and a lot easier to handle with it being an arcade racer, and the added bonus of radio station (Horizon Pulse for me thanks). Forza Horizon is seeing it’s third installment being released later this year, so they must be doing something right. This time players will be headed to the land of kangaroos and big scary spiders, Australia. Joining the usual group of fancy exotic cars will be buggies and jeeps bringing the tally of available vehicles to 350 at launch. Naturally there will be a vast amount of land to cover, with differing terrains.

Project Scorpio was the teaser given during the the Microsoft E3 conference as to where the platform is heading next. The Xbox One S being confirmed was not all Microsoft had up their sleeve as they announced that next year we can expect to see a console capable of true 4K gaming with VR thrown in for good measure. Microsoft say announcing it now gives developers time to check out the hardware, however one can guess that announcing it now also one ups Sony a day ahead of their potential console announcement.

Play anywhere is what Microsoft want you to do as they introduce their new cross-buy feature to the world. This makes it possible for gamers to purchase the Xbox One version of a game and receive the PC version for free. Some of the titles that will be made available is the recently shown off Gears of War 4, and Halo Wars 2. Gears of War 4 will feature cross play so I assume if you purchase the game once and have a friend with a capable PC then the both of you can enjoy some multiplayer fun. This seems like a truly great feature moving forward and if Microsoft can make deals with some the bigger name developers then they will surely catch up to Sony.
macOS is real, as real as that first grey hair you keep denying is there. It was rumoured like crazy and Apple have finally done it. So there. I think the bigger news is the introduction of Siri into the desktop platform, named Sierra. Siri has been on the mobile devices for 5 years now, and Apple have decided to invite her into the desktop realm (can’t have anything to do with Cortana being on Windows 10). You will be able to interact with Siri the same way you would on an iPhone, asking her her various questions such as sports scores, or what the weather will be like, and why you are so lonely. iCloud is seeing some upgrades too, making it possible to view your documents and desktop on a PC or iPhone. It will also move older files from your Mac to the cloud. Developers will have access to macOS from now to fine tune their software, with regular Mac users receiving the update sometime in September or early October.

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