Daily Bytes 13/10/16: Daily Edition


Samsung will now offer R 1423,02 ($100) to you if you return you Note 7 device. The program is now live and Samsung clearly states that you can get up to $100, you get $25 if you trade in the device or go with another branded device and you get $100 if you stay with the Samsung brand. They call it ‘loyalty they haven’t changed any terms, its still simply switch off your device and return to your carrier or send it back to Samsung.

The Note 7 Has Come To An End…

Daily Bytes 11/10/16: Daily Edition



The Android 7.1 update will be making its way to the Nexus devices this month. With the new update you will get support for many new Google features, such as Daydream VR Platform. This update will be available to all Nexus 5X , Nexus 6P and Pixel C owners at the end of this month. Only the new Pixel devices will ship with it preinstalled. All other devices will receive the update only when it is released in December to all.


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