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Recent Pokémon GO Update Will Reward Regular Players

If you frequent the Pokéworld then it would suit you to update the Pokémon GO app to the latest version as Niantic added a few features to grant you extra XP and Stardust. The extras are gained when you make your first catch of the day. When you visit your first pokéstop and do the photospin for the first time you will earn extra XP as well as a few extra goodies. Do this for 7 consecutive days and you will receive a bigger bonus. To celebrate this update Niantic say there will be a period where more will be more. From the 7th till 11 November players will find more pokémon in the world. At pokéstops there will be more items to gain including Great Balls and if you’re on level 20 and above there will be more Ultra Balls. This all seems like manipulation to get people back into the game, where once they there were too many players jamming the servers, now they miss the attention.


Android Auto Update Makes the System More Accessible

What makes Android stand out is that it is everywhere. Google made it so and the community have been ever grateful. It must be of no surprise then that Android Auto has been made available to the public to be used with your Android phone (or tablet, I’m guessing). Since this is not built into your vehicle’s entertainment system you will still have to link your phone with bluetooth or with an aux cable if you plan to get sound through your car’s speakers. A clever feature comes in the form of the Android Auto app opening when your phone connects to the car through bluetooth. The app can be completely hands free with the use of voice commands for various tasks such as navigation, or changing the song currently playing. Otherwise you can tap the larger icons on the user friendly interface. Initial bugs will likely be ironed out, and your experience will become as smooth as your ride. The app will become more widely available in the coming weeks but if you know what you’re doing then it can be available right now by sideloading it on your device.


Next January Google Brings Virtual Reality to Chrome on Android

The navigation bar showing up on the bottom of the mobile web browser isn’t the big news after all. By January Google are making is possible for you to immerse yourself in Google search quite literally. Chrome beta for Android will see this addition in December so do not wonder if the person next to you has fallen asleep while in a VR game. Actually they would rather browse the web than talk to you.  


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Daily Bytes 01/11/16: Daily Edition



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