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Samsung to Bring Their Own Digital Assistant to the Galaxy S8

The Note 7 was big let down to the side. Enough said. It is time to focus on the device that brings us all to the yard. The Samsung Galaxy S series is the flagship that is focused on the upper market somewhat casual user. The S8 should not be rushed to market and it needs a stand out feature. That is where the the creators of Siri come in. Samsung own Viv Labs, who have a digital assistant named Viv. With the popularity of these digital assistants growing more and more, Samsung have decided to separate themselves from the Android pack. Viv may not be as smart as those that have come before it but the trick will lie in integration. Viv will gain information from third party sources that way, and that is how it will grow it’s knowledge. In the long term this will come to affect the entire Samsung product line as their will be smart this and smart that. Basically you will be able to talk to all your appliances, and nobody else.


iPhone SE Unlikely to Receive Refresh Next March

The most powerful 4 inch smartphone is not expected to have a replacement model a year after it’s release. This is not a major surprise. The iPad mini has not been refreshed either so their should not be any alarm bells. Though I am not sure what will happen to those on the new iPhone every year plan. They will likely have to pay more to be moved to a higher tier. It could be an attempt by Apple to promote the iPhone 7 as the latest phone they produce for a longer period.


Galaxy Beta Program to Start Pushing Android Nougat

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (or S7) you may be in luck in terms of getting Android 7.0 Nougat. Being the leader of the Android phone market what Samsung lacks is regular software updates. They do push security patches every month to the relatively new devices but the updates to software take a little while longer. The Galaxy Beta Program will give the fortune millions (those with the S7 variants) the opportunity to take Nougat for a spin. Bugs and all. It is obviously expected that if you enter the program that you will return the favour of reporting any glitches and bugs your experience. After the swearing just hit the report button. You may just crave for the stability of Android Marshmallow afterward, when your Snapchat won’t open.   


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