Daily Bytes 07/10/16: Daily Edition


The FBI is trying their luck again as to unlock an iPhone. The phone belongs to Dahir Adan who was a private security employee who stabbed 10 people this September. He was shot and killed by the police, but the FBI believe his iPhone may contain clues as to his motives and possible contact with ISIS. Earlier this year the San Bernardino case saw the FBI seeking Apples’s help to unlock an iPhone, The FBI sought after a version of iOS which would allow them access to the phone. The FBI filled a number of court requests but abruptly withdrew its request after locating a third party solution to unlock the phone. We do not know what iPhone is currently with the FBI but if it is the iPhone 5c or earlier the FBI could use its previously purchased method. The FBI hasn’t ruled out seeking help from Apple.



Maker of the popular game Plants Vs Zombies George Fan has a new game in store for us. The game is being produced by All Yes Good founded by George to make the game a reality. He has employed some very crucial team members who worked on the initial Plants Vs Zombies game. The games features an octopus with mutant tentacles that have other animals and their abilities. The game is scheduled for 2017 as a steam release.

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