Daily Bytes 06/06/2016: Morning Bits

Let’s start Monday off with some Bose. Yes there is nothing like some crazy expensive audio gear to get the blood pumping. Bose have released a variety of headphones ranging from noise cancelling to sporty uses. At the top of the pecking order are the QuietComfort 35s headphones which are around ear and wireless I should add coming in at $350. They promise up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. The next pair are earbuds or neckbuds as Bose would prefer and are called the QuietControl 30s. This pair of earphones do an amazing job as you have control over how much outside sound you want to let in however they’ll cost $300. Now for those that have trouble keeping their buds in their while building up a good sweat. The SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Wireless Pulse will stay placed in your ears no matter how rigorous the workout, and are water resistant. The SoundSport Wireless Pulse has a heartbeat monitor built in which has become a feature of fitness buds of recent. These sporty friends will set you back $149 for the standard SoundSport and $199 for the Pulse. Not a bad start to the week.

The French government are attempting to make a strong statement in changing the way the videogame industry’s perspective of female characters in games. They would like to promote more positive images of women instead of seeing them being put in demeaning situations. There is a proposal, under review, to see a labeling system introduced where games that have a more balanced approach in showing men and women are promoted more. Separately there is a proposal regarding categorization of games that degrade women should be included under the highest rating in the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system and an age restriction of 18 with a ban from advertising during prime time television hours.

Onvi are upping the ante. Tracking stats is what the present is all about. From your heartbeat to the number of steps you take, tracking it is what it’s all about. Now get ready to track how you brush your teeth with the Prophix smart toothbrush from Onvi. It is meant to improve the way you brush your teeth and comes with a few interesting gadgets included. Like a full HD recording camera to show you all your pearly yellows whites upclose that you can view on your phone. You ate popcorn 3 days ago right? There is also a prophy cup, a rubber picker, and tiny mirror. Make of it what you will, but it will cost $400 or your local equivalent.

Robot design is taking a particularly slimy turn. Researchers from the University of Sussex have found that the way snails make decisions is potentially a way in which to design a robot. A snail is quite efficient at determining whether it is hungry and if food is near, using 2 brain cells. It must be mentioned that the above 2 tasks are quite complex because they are essential for survival. Adopting a similar strategy in developing a robot brain can result in fewer components being used to build it. The study also determined how much energy was used after the decision was made.
The four main political parties in Norway have come to an agreement that by the year 2025 the country will cease selling petrol powered cars. Norway have the highest rate of adoption of electric cars with 24%. Where will the cars that run on petrol be sent to? That is the question.

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