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Reduction in Windows Update File Sizes on the Way

Microsoft were truly kind when they offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade to previous owners of Windows 7/8/8.1. It did start feeling a little less kind when after keeping those versions of Windows updated that the upgrade to Windows 10 was being “pushed” onto users so to speak. Then came the times of the always on update system where you had to work some fancy tricks to switch off. What’s so bad about always on updates anyway people thought, until they found all of their bandwidth being sucked up every time their PC was on and they weren’t even stalking on browsing Facebook. Those with data caps felt it the most as the constant updates inflated their usage for the month much quicker than they would like. Microsoft want to rectify this, not by a reduction of the number of updates but in a reduction of the size of the updates. So users can still enjoy viewing the screen after choosing to shut down their PC that Windows is installing update 1 of 43. Microsoft are calling this method the Unified Update Platform and will be released in the next major update coming March 2017. Those part of the Windows Insiders Programme will receive the update sooner, and will be able to enjoy an estimated 35% reduction of update file sizes. It is not exclusive to the desktop build of Windows 10, with mobile devices and Xbox One (thank goodness) being included.


Subscription Prices on Android Will Become Cheaper for First-Timers

At their recent Playtime event Google announced that special introductory prices will be available for those considering subscribing to a service. It will be up to the developers to set the pricing but it is expected to bank account friendly. This is an attempt to promote subscription based services to those that are undecided on whether it is worth their money. It must be noted that the normal rate will be enforced as soon as your special period is over. In the long run it will benefit those offering the service as their subscriber base grows and if they offer a stand out product then it may entice users to continue paying once the period has passed. For example if Spotify is worried that Apple Music is catching up to them then they can introduce a cheaper subscription price for a few months to bring in new business.


EVGA releases a Patch to Solve Overheating Problems

We covered yesterday on how EVGA have had some difficulty with their Nvidia GTX 10xx series of GPUs as it was recently found that they may catch fire due to not being properly cooled. There are actions to be taken if you own one the GPUs, such as returning them as EVGA will validate the warranty, or if you prefer to be a tad bit braver, then you may collect your free VRM Thermal Pads and install them. EVGA have continued to take action by releasing a VBIOS update for the GPUs affected. Not a great situation to find yourself in as this can make or break their current generation of Nvidia GPUs because their competitors must be readying their new marketing ads about how their GPUs don’t catch fire.


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