Daily Bytes 03/11/16: Daily Edition

Twitch Need You to See Ads

I personally do not use ad blockers but they seem like a wonderful utility if you prefer to do your web browsing without distraction. I say distraction because those suckers (ads) tend to just pop up and blink as if they have the best sale in town. When it comes to video streaming sites it tends to be a little less flashy but definitely remains in your face. That is why ad blockers have become available. It is also why certain websites such as Facebook have taken displaying ads on the site into their own hands. Twitch have decided to join the bandwagon in circumventing ad blocking. The ads will be under the cloak of disguise of any other content on the website. It is likely at first that the ad blockers will be fooled but with some extra development it will be improved. So begins the back and forth between the two. Twitch say that they are indifferent to ad blockers being used on the site. Something to keep in mind though is the that the companies buying the ad space on the site will want their ads to be viewed, and the less they are seen the less reason they have to keep paying what could be a premium price for the ad space.


New Inspire Drone Expected From DJI

When I pass the toy shop at the mall I frequent I look in the window and just have a glance in to see what’s what. I then quickly look forward again in a bit of a cold sweat. What can bring on the that much of anxiety in such a short time? The figure of R23,999. I know we live in a time where everything is just a little expensive but seeing that can take you back a step. That price tag proudly belongs to the DJI Phantom 3. DJI are the leaders in the world of drones. They really do not take anything lightly. They have sent out invitations for an event later this month on the 15th where a new Inspire drone is expected to be unveiled. The last Inspire drone came out just over 2 years ago and was raised the bar for drones at that time. Enough time has passed where the competition has caught up to that particular model therefore it seems like it is time for a refresh. Never forget though that there is competition.


Uber App Sees Major Overhaul

Uber has been around since 2009, but it’s impact has been more recent than that. The ride hailing company have grown substantially and are one of the most successful start-ups ever. What seemed have to been key to their growth was the Uber smartphone app. That app is seeing its first major design change since 2012. This update gives the users a more streamlined app that in turn makes it much faster (on iOS for the moment). The splash screen is gone, the destination bar takes priority, and the map itself is has new imagery. A recent destination option is available instead of the user having to type their frequently traveled destinations over and over. A future option will include the ability to share your current location with friends and have them show up sometimes unexpectedly to eat all your food. There are a few other neat additions with integration with Yelp, and Pandora. Not to mention other interface updates. The update is currently only available on iOS, with the Android update to follow.



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