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New Windows 10 Vulnerability Made Public…by Google

Microsoft are not very pleased at the circumstances they found themselves in with regards to the release of information by Google. It was a real life horror story of unfolding on Halloween. I’m kidding. It was insulting though, not to mention they have not had a chance to release a fix as of yet. It is difficult to find assign blame to either party but we must question the motivation of Google. They say it is part of a policy they implemented in 2013, and this is the first time they have effected said policy. It certainly does not help the users of Windows 10 as there is the potential of their PC being at risk. Google want everybody to know that their Chrome users are safe and Microsoft would rather you use the Edge browser to remain secure online obviously. The message I would like to put out there is for everybody to just keep their computers updated with patches released by Microsoft through Windows Update and no third party websites. And last but not least, well a little least, it is important to update flash as well.


Chrome Update for Android may Improve Single Handed Use

Take it with a pinch of salt as it seems that this is developer code hidden away for possible future use, otherwise it is for enthusiasts that enjoy poking around. The biggest problem for those with large phones is single handed use. I have a relatively small phone and prefer using both hands but that’s just me. Anyway for those that cannot put the coffee down while browsing the internet there just might be hope. The problem with the Chrome browser is having the navigational controls at the top of the screen which requires more stretching than taking part in your local cross country on a phone with a large screen. This could change in a future update of Chrome on Android as there seems to be the option to have the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen hidden away in the code. Small handed people with ridiculously large phones may rejoice, but in all honesty you could put the coffee down and use both hands.  


Google Evening the Odds on the Play Store

This is an attempt at taking on app developers that are taking advantage of the system currently in place which aides positive yet false reviews. That is just a single example, as inflated install numbers and incentivised ratings are also among Google’s targets. This is being done so those in the Android developer community have a greater chance of having their apps recognized by Google’s system which in turn promotes the apps. Those caught hereafter run the risk of having their app removed from the Play Store.  


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