Daily Bytes 01/06/2016: Morning Bits

Periscope is taking a decidedly more social approach to dealing with trolls, and generally people who post negative comments during a live video. They are attempting to incorporate the help of other viewers to decide whether or not a comment should be removed or not. A comment is reported as abusive and then the app takes it to other random viewers to vote on whether the comment is abusive or not. If the jury of viewers vote that it is offensive then the commenter is put on a temporary ban from commenting further for 60 seconds. This idea is clever and I do hope it does work, though there will be times where comments that aren’t abusive in any way will be reported. This will detract from the viewing experience so I hope Periscope and Twitter have a plan for that.

AMD are looking to shake up the graphics game with it’s introduction of the Radeon RX 480 graphics card. This is supposed to bring VR into your home at a much lower price point and not really skimping out on the specs. It is all in an attempt to win the middle to lower end of graphics cards as Nvidia dominates the high end. With performance measuring over 5 Tflops running on 36 CUs which can be linked to either 4 or 8GB of GDDR5 memory over 256-bit memory interface. The RX 480 supports DisplayPort 1.3 and is the first graphics card to support DisplayPort 1.4 with HDR. Release date is expected around June 29, so keep your options open people.

If you are a user of OkCupid then you are in for a treat, I think, as you will now be able to describe yourself as a flavour. I mean who doesn’t want to be a flavour like “Best in Show” or “Apocalypse Survivalists”. These flavours are meant to add you to a curated list, yes it’s not just for music, so you may be easily found by the love of your life or somebody with a fetish for “Hipster Vegans”. This is meant to provide more information about the people you are swiping. I can’t see this going wrong in any way.

Be wary that your new computer may bring with it the chance for somebody else to interact with it. Duo Security have found holes in update software in all of the big manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Where your computer contacts a server to download updates, that connection is not encrypted meaning that a third party could jump in the middle and start interacting with your PC directly.
Apple are potentially doing away with their 2 year upgrade cycle of the iPhone in favour of adding a year to it. It is all a rumour for now but is very likely as more and more renders of the iPhone 7 show up online looking remarkably like last year’s iPhone 6s, and even the previous year’s iPhone 6. The main feature change may come in the lightning connector only plug on the iPhone 7 but right now that seems like a future inconvenience rather than revolutionary. Maybe iOS 10 will save the day for Apple, but no doubt they will still sell the new iPhone whether or not it looks the same as the previous generation because it just works.

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