Daily Bytes 01/06/2016: Afternoon Bits

Microsoft is looking to skew the VR game in it’s favour by making their Windows Holographic operating system open to VR headset manufacturers to use. Microsoft showed off what is possible with their software in VR at Computex with the aid of the HTC Vive. Whether HTC choose to use Windows Holographic is yet to be determined. Windows Holographic is a new platform that if nurtured could dominate the VR market as it makes it possible to mix in real environments and people into VR. The future is being able to see and touch your start menu, along with the Windows Store, and Xbox Live.

The HTC Vive is making working out more exciting. Yes you read right, just when you thought you could escape real life “problems” like going to the gym HTC make it possible to interrupt your VR experience with some cardio. At Computex, where they are making a somewhat surprising appearance, HTC are showing off a rowing app. It does sound very exciting but there is more, instead of just rowing down an ordinary river you could row through space! Through asteroid fields and past stars. A later version will probably come with a trainer telling you that you are doing it wrong and that you row slower than a puppy.

Xiaomi has made it into the top 5 of phone manufacturers around the world thanks to it’s success in China. Microsoft have entered into an agreement to have Xiaomi bundle their apps onto their smartphones (Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3). This collaboration will start with devices being shipped from September, and will include the Office apps and Skype.

Do you wear shoes? Ever played Super Mario? Now you can possibly wear Super Mario on your feet. Vans, the popular shoe manufacturer, have partnered Nintendo as their latest inspiration for sneakers. The designs will take on various characters from the Nintendo catalogue of games including Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and the aforementioned Super Mario. You can even get a pair that look like the controllers which is unlike consoles today which only come with one. These sneakers will be sold for a limited time.
If you were a brand using the popular block creator game Minecraft as a medium to advertise your products then hard luck as Mojang have updated their Commercial Usage Guidelines to say that such advertising methods are not allowed anymore. As a player you can celebrate as you can play without distractions and you can build all the iPhones and Galaxy S7’s you want on behalf of companies.

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