Cowboy Simulator 2 coming in Late 2017



Wait that doesn’t sound right. Oh yes the old west themed GTA styled Red Dead Redemption is getting a long awaited sequel. Time to don your 10 gallon hats and head back to the dusty world of cowboys and this time it is going to be in glorious High Definition graphics so you just get to see every grain of sand.

Sand is not all that it is about as their should be the usual sandbox style of gameplay that Rockstar is known for which can be expected. So there should plenty of story and side missions to keep you occupied for hours and hours. If those do not tickle your fancy then you can take part in a one of potentially countless activities that the developers will no doubt have in store for you. Such as being able to tie people to the train tracks for that elusive achievement or trophy.

The online component of the game is said to be heavily influenced by the environment it is set in. If the success of GTA Online is anything to go by then we can expect players trying to lasso each other as they vye for the honour of being Rodeo Champion 2017.   
The game will come to both current gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), whether or not there will be a PC release remains to be seen as the first installment did not have one. Not something an “online petition” can’t help change.

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