New official products coming soon! (Gaming Device, and more...)

New official products coming soon! (Gaming Device, and more...)

We at Byte-Sized Bits are working hard at designing, developing, testing, and just generally building new and exciting projects and kits.

Today, we'd like to announce the next three official Byte-Sized Bits product kits that are currently in development, and how you can stay tuned-in!

We're kinda excited so let's just dive in, shall we?

Handheld Game Device

We at Byte-Sized Bits are a little bit of gaming fanatics, honestly.  The founders have been gamers their entire lives! So, one day we had an interesting string of thoughts...

How awesome would it be to make your own game?  Now, what if you made your own handheld game device for that game too (like a Gameboy)? That sounds awesome... Right!?

That's right! We're working on a super exciting DIY Handheld Game Device project kit!

We have so many ideas that we'd like to execute with this project. Just to name a few:

    • We're working on a completely free and open-source Game Engine for Arduino that can be used for any of your Arduino-based projects.
      • Psst. We're already working on this one! 😲
    • Easy-to-purchase kits that have various ranges of modules included:
      • Want sound? Want a bigger LCD screen? Want different input controls?
      • We can work any of this into the Game Engine and help make that easy to add!
    • A "Learn To Code" path introducing coding through this project
    • And.. So.. Much.. More.

We're super excited about this one; can you tell?  It's definitely a project we'd like to use (and see used) to introduce STEM to kids, teens, and adults alike!

Sequential Shifter (USB Input Device)

Ever wanted to step up your racing setup?  Want to try your hand at DIY hacking together a shifter for a game console, computer, or some other device (like an RC car shifter?!)?

We're working on developing a Sequential Shifter that allows you to shift up or shift down, and transmit those analog actions into a digital signal for use in any project you'd like!

A screen shot of our black and grey sequential shifter, in 3D model form.  It has an embossed + and - symbols at the top and bottom of the rail path.

With this input device you'll be able to easily map your actions to a keyboard (or any other custom) signal of your choosing.  The possibilities are genuinely endless here!

Dial Board w/ LCD Displays

This project is going to be our go-to for beginners. It's such a simple concept that not only works well as a stand-alone project to learn electronics, but it also doubles as having endless possibilities as a component used within countless other projects!

Essentially, this simple project will have a few potentiometers attached to an Arduino which converts the those dial values into two separate outputs: one which displays on the LCD (current value), and one which can be transmitted via a USB cable to another device (unlocking the ability to easily "rotate-to-configure" any device).

We currently do not have any screenshots of this project since we're actively working on a physical prototype using a pegboard of sorts. So, be sure to read below for how you can stay up-to-date with all future developments!

Watch The Development

We're looking to share our end-to-end experience as we continue to develop new products. We think it would be interesting to share our journey with you, if you're so interested.

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Author's Note:

Have you started our "Introduction to Arduino" series yet? There's a free $10 gift card hidden somewhere on that page, that has yet to be found. Can you find it?

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