Android N: Name Unknown

The second developer preview for Android N has become available. It’s name is unknown because like all android software updates it will receive it’s sweet sweet name closer to full release. For now I can just mention the new features that are being tested.


Vulkan is Spock from Star Trek, no I’m kidding it is a new application program interface or API that is being introduced to android to improve graphics processing. This is an attempt to get more out the hardware than OpenGL ES could by pushing more draw-calls through a single core.


Less technical talk is the introduction of launcher shortcuts, which will give the user the ability to skip ahead to certain actions in an app. For instance if you want to send a message to you best friend, then you can have a launcher shortcut that will take you directly into the chat with your friend. This is a similar feature to the live tiles found on Windows Phone.


The big talk is saved for last as Android N will give the world more humanlike emojis. This is news because currently the standard emojis found on android and even Gmail look blob like and are quite difficult to determine what they actually represent.


This developer preview is a look into what features Google is bringing to android in the next year or so. Google Nexus device owners will get this a little sooner as they receive updates straight from Google. Nexus devices are still not available from our local service providers here in South Africa, but it is possible to purchase them through importing or certain online shops.
For the handsets that are available in the country, there will be a wait for the manufacturer to test and optimise the software. Then the service providers will have to do the same before the software is available for download.   

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